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Fort Film Behind The Scenes 2.jpeg

Take a look inside FORT  


Here you’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes of FORT. Ryan Harman and Craig Hunter built forts during their beach trips in the summer of 2019. What began as a photo project became a short film about the process of their creations.


Using notes, drawings, and mood boards, Ryan and Craig approached the filmmaking in a transient, ad-hoc manner, resulting in a sensorial and experiential document of the filmmakers’ summer together and the forts they constructed on the beach.


As a film, FORT is inspired by process films, queer cinema, experimental documentaries, 'How It's Made' YouTube videos, nomadic architecture, Christopher Larkin's 1974 film A Very Natural Thing, Charlotte Posenenske's Sculptures, Bruce Brown's film The Endless Summer, artist Tracey Moffatt's video Heaven, and Dick Proenneke's documentary Alone in the Wilderness.

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